Sunday, December 5

People in Cali should stop complaining how cold it is out there. You want cold? Come here to Beijing. Icy winds and  -4C weather is not fun weather.   I am finally experiencing  what I thought I would  like- 4 seasons, but no way Jose, I want to live rest of my life in climate where  you have to worry about your nose freezing off.
To make things worse, I decided to visit my family in Estonia this year. YES, it is even colder there, with snow and ice and  other yucky stuff that falls out  of sky. I am sure it will be beautiful , and magical , and enchanting. But come on, I am now 100% sure I will not want to grow old in Estonia.  I wish all my friends moved to southern Cali and we all lived happily ever after !!!

Also, past 2 days have been clear days, but before that polluted air was not what I really asked for when I moved to china. I knew it will be pretty interesting here, but   right now my interesting days are over, and I  started countdown  when I can move back to California.

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Kathy said...

Come back to CA and have another baby :-)