Monday, November 29

How did I miss Thanksgiving? Not really, but  we did not celebrate thanksgiving this year on its official day. We had party week before with Nicks high school classmates who live in Beijing. THEY LOVED my cooking. They no longer think that WESTERN cooking is bad and  has no taste. YEAH ME!!

Now Christmas is fast approaching and I am no mood to celebrate it here. So that is WHY I , Diana Saare Tan , forced my husband to buy me 2 tickets to  Estonia.  2 because he has no desire to spend it in cold climate, since Beijing is cold anyway.. SO we got our tickets :D Gabriel and I are going to spend Xmas in Estonia.( Dets 17 - January2nd). We are also going to be part something big 
Years ago  when I was young and, I remember when estonia got it's own currency--- EESTI KROON--. It was huge event.  I remember holding Eesti Kroon'i  and admiring how beautiful it is... Sadly, this is last year  Estonia has its own currency.  Estonian currency will now be EURO. SO, I am going to Estonia with Estonian Kroons, but get back to Beijing with leftover Euros.

 Nick will travel to US 4th of December and get back to Beijing 14th of December. Shopping trip to gather all  safe and somewhat safe products, because NOTHING IN CHINA IS  acceptable . I have seen how HONEY is made ( not honey at all), how pastry products are made and handled,... Even Tea... everything is FAKE. Fake , fake. 
In stores you can  by fake stuff IF you know who to ask.  90 %  brand name alcohol in stores is   not BRAND name, but  bottled in brand name bottles.  90% THAT's HUGE. Meat is full of antibiotics and hormones, and plates, cups , forks , knives ETC are sprinkled with extra heavy chemicals...  How do CHinese survive you ask? I DON't KNOW!!! I just know that 30 year olds who work hard look like 40 and older.

Now I don't cry because I miss Regina.. Now I cry because I miss REGINA and USA, and life as I like it. 


Ulli said...

I absolutely LOVE photos that you take.

And Estonia is really really snowy this year so have a great stay here:)!

Brenda-Ann said...

I started following your blog from Leah's blog a long time ago. I have not commented before, so I was a blog stalker! The pictures in this post are awesome. I enjoy reading about your life in China. The fake food is rather discerning. It looks like you have lost weight and now I know why!