Sunday, April 11

Tallapoosa, Chicks and more..

Lets talk about Southern Hospitality. I really thought there is nut such thing as nice, warm Welcoming Southern Hospitality,, TILL I got to experience it myself. 
Thanks to Marr Family, who invited us to spend Spring Break with them in Georgia , we got to meet Gabes best friends grandparents.

We  got  to Blackmons  house in Tallapoosa around 5 am.   It was dark one hour ride from airport to their house. Kids only got 2 hours of sleep and that is it. My friends mom and dad welcomed us with open arms and invited us in to have some breakfast . Pancakes, eggs, bacon:):):) YUMMM:):):) After that we tried to get some sleep.
Tuesday Morning was not the easiest morning for Gabriel. He was tired, whiny and did not seem very excited about being there.. But he warmed up and by the end of the day he had made friends with Chickens, chicks, and open spaces surrounding Blackmons house.

 Tallapoosa is beautiful Country side.   Reminded me a  lot of My home willage in Estonia BUT WITH one big difference. Tallapoosa was very well taken care of ..  well,,, I am not talking about suspicious trailers here and there, that most likely had one or two or 3 "suspicious  "  people cooking up some special potion .... but in general    I was experiencing spring Like I have not done so past 12 years. Blooming apple, cherry and dogwood  trees, Wisteria, tulips, dafodills, ... Green grass, trees getting their leaves and.... LOTS OF YELLOW POLLEN, so much pollen that one day we could see trees  having pollen explosions... now, that was a site I have never seen....

In GA we visited , Coca Cola museum, Toured CNN studios, ate great food at Plates and Buckhead club.   Centennial Gardens welcomed us with Butterflies and Birds of Pray show.

Gabriel is True Chicken Farmer. He fell in love with Chickens and Chicks. Every morning he woke up, first thing he did was to check eggs. ANd he was very dissapointed when S.  grandfather found eggs first.. So, we had REAL egg hunt... Jealous, You all???? ;)

SOuthern accents, charm and hospitality is something I will never forget .  I haven't been so happy for a very long time.  I had time to  relax and think.  I had time to think about what is important for me and what is that I value most in this life.. And  sometimes it Takes Georgia trip to make me think about important things in life...

I can honestly say.. I left my heart in Tallapoosa...
You can see all the photos I took in my Picasa album:)

During this trip I heard sad news. We lost another sweet girl to Cancer... Rest In Peace Lauren. You will be missed.

Tallapoosa Facts... it has about 3200 people
Land Area- 7,41 miles
More Females than men,
91% White

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Colleen said...

So so so happy you had a great trip to Georgia. I am originally from New England (Connecticut) Born and raised. We have lived in Virginia for 10 years. It's not as southern as Georgia but it's a lot different than Connecticut. People are definitely nicer and the pace is a little slower.

You deserve happy times and I am so grateful you experienced that time.