Friday, April 23

School, moving, and more...

CAPO teachers are on strike.. SEcond day in a row.. Most kids skip school because of this. but NOT gabriel. He actually enjoys 17 kid classrooms now ;) hehe.  I hope that teachers get what they deserve.:) 
Moving... Yeah, getting our house  market ready is not the easiest  procedure.. Repaint all walls some  sort of beige,  fix dry wall issues,  organize,   this , that, third, fourth...  To be honest...  Don't get it at all...  Our house is in great condition--- BUT COLOR is what has to be changed.  COLOR, and it is major project... It will cost us about 6000 to color all our rooms/baseboards/   that "beige/ white.

I already removed all photos from walls . It was very emotional  process..  Lot of tears, lot of memories, great memories were hiding within those photos... I cried, and smiled, and cried again:) . I had serious discussions with myself... I was about to call realtors and tell them  I AM NOT SELLING, I can't do this.. BUT I can't stay to this house ether. I have to break free from my "jail".  And I know we can do it.

Walking up the stairs reminds me HOW regina took her last steps up.. and last steps down.. Taking a bath reminds me  when I last washed her in there..   Driving my car ..... REminds me our last ride to Mall , Chilies,  SEeing a paperclip , reminds her collection of paperclips... 
Today , I put on pants I havent worn couple of years, and I felt something STUCK on my ass.... it was sticker LETTER R... It put a smile on my face..hehe.

I want to thank you all for emailing me once in a while, calling me once in a while, and asking how I am doing once in a while :)


Leah said...

You're house is beautiful but it makes total sense. Hang in there.

Rachel in AZ said...

((((hugs)))) Your house is beautiful.

Katrina said...

I felt so engergized in your beautiful, vibrant home. If I were in the market, I'd buy it just for the wonderful color. It reflects you, but even more, it reflects joy. What more could a person want???

Since I'm a classified employee, I'm not in the strike, but work all day instead of 1/2 day and boy-oh-boy - all I can say is those teachers deserve so much!! What a job! I'm with first graders - one of whom was kind enough to share a cold with me - LOL - so I gotta say I'm not loving this. But, all will pass.

Haven't commented lately, but do read regularly.

Love you,
Katrina (Mrs. Soto - from RSP)