Thursday, November 5

This week has been pretty calm week. I take Gabriel to school every morning around 7.30 ( drop off), and then take a walk with my friend. School is about 15 minute walk from us. Then every afternoon around 2. 05 Gabriel and his friend have been walking home from school. AND this is first year they do so. OF COURSE, I am overprotective parent, so I will walk to school , and then I will walk home with them, ( or to gate, we live in gated community), and then Gabriels friends mom picks him up from there). Funny thing is , Gabriel and his friend TALK A LOT about things that make no sense to me.. lol. They talk about snails and snail poop,dead worms , and some other stuff I need translater for. BUT, I am glad THEY have something to talk about they both understand.:)

Nick lef about 5 days after Reginas memorial service. ...Finally, on tuesday he will be home. Gabriel is not so excited, since HE has to start playing more piano. We play every day 20 minutes anyway, but I am not pushing him AS hard NICK does. .
Also, I am not sure where WE are. I am ot going to tell u much more, but when I have answers to my questions I will let u know. .

:) Missing my Regina.
( 7.30 AM)


Pinky said...

I love the photos. you're totally spying on them. so cute. they're probably bugged though, huh? :)

Joanna Hammond said...

Gabriel is getting so handsome. :)

Tiffani said...

I sometimes wonder if it is normal for me to think of you and your family as often as I do. I mean I dont even know you. But I do think of you often... hope you are doing ok. Glad nick comes home tomorrow. I am sure that is comforting.
Love your pics. As always thanks for sharing. I always look forward to your posts.

much love~ tiffani