Sunday, October 14

Round no4

Round no 4.

OK. This is so weird. Regina was supposed to start chemo on Friday, but since they did not get her bed until 7 PM, we started on Saturday. BUT we had to come to hospital on Friday to claim Reginas bed. AND we had to wait with chemo until 5 PM on Saturday afternoon because that is how long it took them to get orders straight, and they still did not get everything allright….

BUT , I happily announce- we got nice 2 patient room. AND I got a comfy “bed” this time, and nice view.( for a hospital). But room has no v wireless connection L

This round chemo is also very hard on Regina. She got zofran, Adavan( spelling) to help with nausea. But sadly it did not work. Whatever she ate, drank came out as fast as it went in. ( she threw up a lot.). She also threw up her chemo drugs twice , so right now we are trying to figure out what to do to make her keep her drugs down. Poor Regina. She is so out of it… She looks “drugged”. And talks a lot… A

Irinotecan was allright. No side effects- YET;.

Cyclophosfomide – HORRIBLE. After 10 minutes she started showing side effects( nausea, vomiting).

She also gets meds to make her go to bathroom really often, so everything flushes out as fast it got in….

We did some homework today( well, I asked from Ms French some schoolwork , since Regina will be absent for 3 weeks. ) She did it with huge frown on her face…lol.. She looked like she was about to beat me up, slice me to tiny pieces, pack me into plastic bags, and throw those bags to ocean…She was seriously mad at me for me making her study in Hospital… She thought that she just gets to watch tv ALL day long and do nothing. …

Tomorrow I have to be easy on her since it will be more cyclophosfomide and that will be hard on her for sure….

Also, do not forget to send email to you friends telling about Reginas FUND…

We thank you those who have all ready done so and who have helped to raise funds to Regina J I am sorry for being such a sucky friend lately,..

PS.. McDonald is back on- today I had their Bacon Ranch salad with grilled chicken, 2 fruit and yogurt parfaits,

I also had almost whole box of Annies Cheddar bunnies, 2 apples, Reginas leftover Mac and cheese, fruit, French toast, diet coke, coffee,tea, water, 2 sees candy butterscotch caramels…. Hospitals make me hungry. Very, very hungry.:)


Susan said...

Thinking of sweet Regina tonight, and sending prayers your way.

Hope things are well.

Keep holding on my friend,


Kathy said...

Hope things are better this round, esp. with fewer roommates.

Hope she doesn't need platelets this round (yeah, right).

Ride for Kids is this weekend. I wish y'all were going to be there. You'll be missed.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Y'all have fun ;) We went to ducks game today. Regina got "celebrity" treatment up there... ;)