Tuesday, October 2

Playdough recipe.

Few of you have asked me to post play dough recipe .
Here it is.

2 cups of warm water
half cup vegetable oil.
half cup salt
food coloring or cool aid

5 or more cups of flower.
Mix wet ingredients ( do not forget to mix in food coloring), then add flour. If 5 cups is not enough ( dough is still sticky add more until you like how dough feels.:)
IF dough gets to tough you have to add little bit water and then work dough for a while , since it takes a while water to absorb evenly :) GOOD LUCK :)

Regina had great Tuesday. I think school is starting to grow on her :) Seems like reading ( comprehension) is tiny bit problem for her. She reads story, but she forgets right away what she read about. I have lots of patience sitting on doctors offices, going to appointments, etc. BUT sadly, I have less patience when it comes to homework. For me it is hard to understand HOW COULD YOU NOT UNDERSTAND what you just read about... I know she will get it eventually, but I noticed, when I push her harder, she looses interest and shuts down completely. But when it comes to math, she is absolutely fine. She loves math. And she gets it.

Gabriel is doing awesome in school. No problems with him. Only problem with him is that he likes to play "smartass" ass annoy me with HIS rules. He tells me that he is smarter than everybody and he does not like to try hard. He will start screaming when he spells something wrong, and he thinks it is my fault since I do not know how to pronounce it right?? ( Yea, I have accent, BUT , not that bad....;) )

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lennuk said...

I'm happy that school starts to grow on Regina! I bet it's very hard to her to join with the class who have been together for a month, some friendships have formed already and this kind of stuff...
Way to go, Regina! Good luck!