Monday, October 22


Yup, it is that time again. Chemo side effects are starting to show. Today Regina had to have platelet transfusion because her platelet count was 24 000. BUT she almost did not get it. You know why?? Nurse told me her labs are fine and we can go. I asked what is Reginas platelet count and when I was told it is only 24 000 I almost fell flat on my fat ass... She has to have pltlt. transfusion whenever it falls under 40 000 mark ( it used to be 50 000). I just do not get it. WHY I have to be the one who constantly reminds what should be done and how it should be done... What about those people who have no knowledge about cancer or when procedures should be performed.
I also am very bitter about CHLA line dressing changing procedures. EVERY nurse has their own way of changing dressings. IT drives me insane. I THEY started rubbing reginas hypafix tape with alcohol instead of tape removal fluid. Regina was crying... at first I did not get why she was crying, but then I saw that she was scrubbing her line with alcohol. I asked WHY is she using alcohol- Her answer was - IT is to messy to use REMOVAL pads... WTF??????? Somebody is really lazy... Reginas skin is all red and irritable right now.. After I am done with this post I am going to write a complain about - HOW PROCEDURES SHOULD BE STANDARD, INSTEAD everybody making up their own ways HOW things should be done. OK..

I just needed to let that out. One more reason I love St Jude nurses more than CHLA.( I do have few faves here who do things the way I love ;) )


Patty said...

Yes you certainly need to complain to someone in charge, let them see how red her skin is. Keeping Regina in my prayers.

Susan said...

Oh my, I'm just so sorry to read Regina has to go through all of this, PERIOD.

You would "think" these nurses would be more on the ball.

Praying for those counts to come up, up, up!

Love the picture of Regina next to her pumkin, she is just so precious.

Still praying real hard...