Wednesday, February 28

Don't read if you are not ready for major anger....

I am little upset today L
As some of you know, Regina is wearing FM hearing aid in school now. ( teacher speaks to microphone, regina has ear piece in her ear, and Regina hears what teacher is actually saying. Well, today hug UUPSI happened…. While in music class Reginas ear piece fell out and DISSAPEARED. It is just unbelievable to me to hear that no one could find it. I am 100% sure that one of those kids took it. I know it is not right to blame others, but I know those kids and there are 2-3 kids who are JELOUS of what is going on. And I think that they should have strip searched all the kids. ( I have been in first grade, ad I REMEMBER we had few “good” thieves in there who smiled at teachers and lied to their faces while hiding stolen lunch money….

I just hope that teachers find Reginas ear piece…. I feel little guilty for her loosing it. I should have thought her better to check in every few seconds that if it is still in her ear L It costs her school a lot of money and they did everything to get that ear piece. L

And now about something else. About St Jude. I am pissed , truly am. I hate dealing with endocrine clinic. WAwA WAWAEA. They suck. We have to go ther in april. Well, we had to be there on 15th of February ( I had no Idea) I thought I cancelled our appointments, at least that is what Valerie told me. SO I get a call from Endo clinic- WHERE THE FUCK are you guys. You supposed to be here RIGHT NOW, we NEED TO GET YOU IN ASAP. I had my HUH moment? What you mean as soon as possible. Is Regina is some kind of danger…????

Well, seems like Reginas BONES have to be measured at first in ever 3 months and if it is little longer , I guess her bones just don’t measure right ( just kidding, some dark humor you know). After few phone calls with e clinic and endo clinic ( WHO btw, told it CANT wait, and E clinic told us IT CAN WAIT), I just gave up and told them FCUK YOU. We’ll go there in april. You morons. I really was pissed. I have life, regina has life, Gabriel has life, and now we have to waste 3 days for that one crappy appointment. L Not happy. Not happy at all… I am sure they will tell me – Reginas BONES measure 6 ½ years, and her growth hormone has to be increased. ( Then I tell them, if you are going to pay 300 dollars per months for it, then do so. HUH.) I am sick and tired of insurance comp. who is just raising prices out of the blue with one exp. It’s new year and new prices, it’s new day and new prices… etc..

OK. Now on a happier note. We all are doing great. Regina learns to play chess. I enrolled both of my kids in music to grow on lessons and abrakadoodle art classes ( I CAN not stand competitive sports, or any sports on that matter, and thanks gawd my kids are not into “real “ sports. They both love dancing and singing and acting silly )


Kathy said...

What is the bone test?

Is it a bone age, or something else? Why can't you take her to orthopedist at home to see what the bone age is?

And her hearing, does Regina really need an FM system?

Steven gets preferential seating and even with one ear and hearing loss, he hears well except when there is lots of background noise.

And what was the February appointment for? Are you guys off schedule because of having to go back to look at that spot?

It all seems weird.

Sleeping Beauty said...

No it was all endocrine Bone age thing and labs... ANd when I asked if I can go to see doc here - I heard big NO, DO NOT EVEN try do to so... wewewewew. WE HAVE TO SEE HER. right now.. I remember going to endo first and meeting doctor, i had a feeling that we might have few problems in a long run, because his and mine peronailties just do not click. I do not understand what he is saying, and he has no clue about what I am all about...

ANd YES, Regina has to have FM system. She had it for a week and it was AWSOME. She heard every single word what teacher sayd and she even told me about what was going on.
Her hearing is getting worse and it affected her learning in school , even on the first row, if she is not staring teachers mouth or everybody is talkig, she is not hearing a thing. Even at home. When me and Gabriel are talking, and tv is on and I ask a question from regina ( not kids show) , she will miss it .
I tryed to read a book, when Radio was on, tv was on, Gabriel WAS on. lol And She got so frustrated because she had no idea what was going , she heard fragments of my speech, and fregments of everything else around her, but it was very overwhelming to her, she just shut down and stopped responding. :(

I just hope that her FM piece gets returned or somebody finds it . I feel bad , but she is only 7 y/o ...

Kathy said...

Does the FM system belong to her or to the school? Is she using it at home as well?

How do they categorize Regina's hearing loss? I'm sorry she's having these problems, she's been through enough already.

Sleeping Beauty said...

It is through capistrano district. She only uses it at school.
Her hearing loss is high frequency hearing loss. Weird thing is there are days she can hear EVERYTHING, and then there are days I ( teachers) have to repeat everythig before she even understands what we are talking about. :( And it can be frustrating at times.