Thursday, February 1


Winter sucks... Winter S U C K S>.. I love Ca winter ( Just Like Kathy) , but my kids seem not to take it that well... Regia has Ear infection - again.. She did not have ear infections for over 4 years and now they are back... right before her diagnosis time... She aso is coughing er lungs out. I took her to see her doc and sure enough she has few things.... Now she is n antibiotics...

Gabriel- Cough, strep throat(sp), low grade fever, moodyness, total mommas boy- OMG, what did I do to deserve

Myself- my ears bother me 3'd month in a row... No cure so far... Nasanex is not working, musinex is not working, nothing is working. I still feel bubbles popping in my ear, and I have b alance problems. I swear, I am allergic to OC. I need to move back to new jearsey.... And My kids are also.... hihi..

But other than that, they both are doing great. :) Regina loves school and so does Gabriel, they just have hard time giving me same kind of

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