Wednesday, March 7


Horray... Today I found Reginas airpiece. It was kind of accidental finding.. During music lass kids have nametags on, and When Regina took her name tag off, her earpiece got stuck and came off. So today when I was handing all the kids their nametags- THERE it was, screaming for attention- REGINAS AIRPIECE , HOLDING onto yarn with that only curve it had. :) I shred couple of happy tears, because i was extremely happy and relieved that it was found. AND I apologise to all of you who I secretly blamed... ( I FEEL horrible )>:)

AND we are flying to memphis on 8th ( sunday, easter I am guessing) and we fly back on monday. We also have to take Gabriel with us and he will cost us 580 dollars- you better pay back when you grow older and find a But since it is spring brake , we do not mind having one hectic day long half family vacation. hihi.

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