Tuesday, October 30

Checking in...

We are still living in China. In Hangzhou. I think I have lost my mind and I am slowly going crazy in here.  2 1/2 years in this place can do that to a person.

  Tomorrow is Halloween.  Not my favorite holiday if you ask me. Not anymore :(    IT USED TO BE.
  We had so much fun with Regina and Gabriel doing all sorts of Halloween activities- Pumpkin patch, fairs, dressing up, buying outfits, cupcake baking,  Disneyland. Every little cute witch Reminds me of Regina .  Gabriel now has "grown up" and does not care much for stuff.   ANd we don't have pumpkin patches here, or farms, or  halloween parties..
I have been experiencing lot of tears and sadness over past couple of days, and nothing  helps me get better. :(
I miss my Halloween partner in crime:)

R.I.P Princess Regina xoxo

Love Mom.

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Wendy Byde said...

Oh I think about her all the time and sometimes Emi & I talk about Regina. She remembers hearing about her. I wasn't sure if you still wrote here, but I'm happy I stopped by to see. Hope you're doing OK over there. I just read the last few blog entries you wrote! (((((you))))