Tuesday, November 22


Second Thanksgiving in asia is almost here. Last year we celebrated in Beijing with Nicks  friends, this year we are in Hangzhou and  I feel already guilty. Why you ask? BUT because  I can't invite all the people I want into our tiny apartment:( I made some great friends here and  I can only invite about half of them :(  I WANT TO CRY OUT LOUD:(    Since we don't have double owen I am struggling to make everything come out same time :(
I will be making turkey , gravy, stuffing, green beans,  MY potato salad, Mashed potatoes, sweet potato pie, apple pie, some other pastries.   And few not so traditional foods but "fan" favorites like kotlett, sour kraut ( because I am not sure where we are going to celebrate christmas), snitslid,  4 cheese surprise and other last minute stuff..
We also ordered turkey number 2 from Eudora station( local western restaurant), because I strongly feel  that one can never have to much turkey  :)

I also made some bread crumbs  today for shnichels, ( crusted fried pork), and  asked my ayi bring me some organic sweet potatoes from her family farm. .

I am excited about Thanksgiving, but like I said sad. I WANT everybody to come, but I can't fit  40 kids and 2 adults in this apartment :(  ..

 Everybody always asks what are we thankful for?  This year my answer is easy. I am thankful that we have each other and willing to work on our problems . I am thankful that Gabriel is happy and healthy 5th grader and shows interest in so many things.  I am thankful that he has passion and wants to be happy :) I am thankful , that we are are truly happy right now, and I have not been able to say this for a long time :)

I am wishing you all happiness during this Thanksgiving season..

Rest in Peace Princess Regina Melody Tan. I am thankful that I had wonderful 10  years with you , and you thought me so much about NOT GIVING UP!!! I know you are watching down on us and smiling:)

PS... xoxoxox all my friends near and far. I am thinking of you constantly . I just haven't figured out a great way to keep contact with yo all.


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