Thursday, May 12


It has been a while since my last post.  I have been blogging lot more in ESTONIAN,  and I am very active in Faceuebook.   In a way, I do feel like maybe it is time for me to close this blog and leave, but I  can't do it. I wan't to write, I want to let you know how we are and how we feel. Sadly, I don't find that  energy in me to blog in 2 languages anymore. I am choosing Estonian  over English, and if you speak Estonian you are one lucky person.

  Quick update. We still live in Beijing.   At least for couple of more months. We just rented apartment in Hangzhou.  Rental process was a mess. apartment had NO oven, NO washer dryer, NO DISHWASHER, and no Central heating and RENT FOR IT WAS 12 000 yuan ( google it how much it is in your money).  BUT it has gorgeous River views and great layout.
Apartment  comes with NASTY landlord. We  lowered price from 12000 to 10000. Requested Washer dryer combo and OVEN in. She did it. And then told us WE HAVE TO PAY  half of the price IF WE want ti.  OK. No big deal. 5000 Yuan . OK... Next surprise--- She told us WE have to pay association fee??? REALLY?????   WE  argued until she decided FINE, no association fee... THEN she came back and told us that  whatever satellite we want it is 2000 Yuan ( association fee). Well in reality it is only about 300 yuan...   THAT Fing biotch is business woman. We were about to drop out , but then I told nick. Do you really want to start from beginning? Non of the other apartments had oven or dishwasher or dryer in. And they did not have a view like that.
Anyway, we got it, but I keep my fingers crossed that she stays away  OR co operates with us when something goes wrong. Summers in Hangzhou are HOT and winters COLD. ANd she IS one cold hearted bitch who just cares about money....( so do I but I still am better landlord...).

BTW, someone stole our family identities and posed as US on Facebook. I just found out. That 21 year  old is charged with  8 counts of some sort of fraud.  So guys, if you come across some weird website that has OUR faces but not our names, PLEASE let us know.  Right now we know that we were named GIGI, Debra (I think), Nick and Gabe Heart. Regina ( GIGI) was born on January 25th 2001 and died January 26th 2011 ( WOW, she was  still alive  and what the heck was I mourning about ????). Anyway- i think 8 more families are in same deep shit we are in. HOPING FOR A FAST solution and maximum sentence to Crystal van  something.

That is pretty much it.

OH, and I turned 33 on may 8th. I am soo OLD. 


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