Sunday, June 13

Our house, friends and other drama...

:D Aur Haus häs biin on market now for 28 dayz.. hehe
 Well, we got our first crappy offer. ONLY 930 000. THey based their price on " Our low upgrades",  bad landscaping and  bank owned homes without the view...  Well, they can dream  on..  I don't care... we counter offered 1,169 000 . I KNOW they want our house, it is just price. BUT THEN AGAIn _ DON't LOOK IF YOU CANT TOUCH !!!
 I have all the time in the world to get the deal I WANT, and if they complain to much-- FUCK THEM !!!  I can cancel our contract with them !!   I know we don't have crown moldings  ( I don't like them , they make houses feel stuffy, I know we don't have awesome landscaping ( but we don't have 100 000 dollars to get one awesome landscaping),  It is acceptable. Nothing special. I KNOW WE DON"T have cherry wood floors... But we don't like dark wood, or dark staining...
WHAT WE HAVE-- GREAT house with great views, and wit great flow, and let's not forget  awesome neighbors,  freeway is right there, toll road is couple of minutes away. School is in walking distance  and LOOOVE LNES!!!

Oh, ANd also-- our community has 2 beautiful swimming pools with spas and baby pools, and park for kids, and baseball court.:) Not to mention IT IS GATED!!!!!

 We also have great sunsets and 4th of july fireworks-- couple of hospitals just minutes away, shopping centers ,  grocery stores,  etc..  THERE IS NOTHING LN  area does not have.. Like one of my friends said-- Buying this house, you are getting whole lot more :D

 Ok. I am done with my sales pitch.. hehe.

I went out with my bff x for drinks and she started crying  that I am leaving.It finally hit her after we got our first offer that WE REALLY ARE MOVING.. we know each other for 9 years. I HAVE SEEN HER  3 PREGNANCY's , I have seen her baby's growing up, I have seen her good , bad and ugly days. ANd It does make me little emotional to LEAVE for couple of years.. Who knows what kind of crowd she starts hanging out :D

I am patiently waiting, cleaning, cooking, baking, dusting,  organizing, packing... I have lot of things to do, If u think I sit and do nothing. U R WRONG!! ;)

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Tiffani said...

first - the pic of you at the top is soooo beautiful!

second - the pic of you in reginas room just breaks my heart. i miss her.

I am glad you have time and can offer the house to someone that really wants it! You will feel better leaving it with someone who loves it.

I dont comment often but i always check in. Thanks for your posts.

much love ~ tiffani