Wednesday, January 13


Estonia was A M A Z I N G :) WINTER was just what I needed. Cold, crisp, icy , magical. At times i was in awe and thought that I am in some sort of beautiful fairytale :) And I did not want that fairytale to end. I love snow. My family family hated it, but at times when I had to go to Sauna ( about 50 steps from one building to other, I DID NOT WEAR SHOES . uuuppsss.. hehe. I just wanted to feel cold icy snow under my feet, and then run to hot sauna and sweat , sweat , sweat .. Luckily I managed to stay healty for that 3 weeks there ( only one really bad hangover but that is it). ..

Yes. It was nice visiting family, seeing friends I wanted to see, party, Travel to sweded.. My looovely husband decided to surprize me .. YES, Since he is US citizen now he does not need visa to get into Estonia.. So day before christmas MY SISTER , who lives in tallin walks in and YELLS WE PICKED UP A HITCHIKER ... I'm like.. um.. ok.. and when I finally saw who IT WAS, I had no words to say.. I just started laughing. I had not expected him to show up.. But sadly I was a total bitch about him taking me away from ESTONIA, and he hates me for it ;(:(:(:(
BUT he did surprize me.
We spent our 11th anniversary in Board of Cruisehip Baltic queen that travels between Estonia and sweden. It is all night cruise and it has about 900 cabins. CLubs, restaurants, fun for kids. etc.. In sweden we went to Northen Sweden Delsbo to visit Nicks friends family ( they used to work together in sweden Ericson... Designing some Chips I guess.. ;) ) It was nice visiting their family. They have amazing farmhouse and 2 lovely kids. Gabriel loved the fact that Their Daughter spoke english :):):) .

On First of january, Gabriel and I flew back to Estonia and stayed til 7th. Nick stayed to Sweden, visited more friends, and finally flew to Beijing. BUT in Beijing was a huuuge snowstorm, and he had to stay to Arlanda airport for few extra hours.

My trip back to US did not go so smoothly ether. On 7th I flew to Sweden to find out that my British Airways trip to London WAS CANCELLED... AAAAAHHHHHH. I was pulling my hair out. Running around , trying to find out what can I do.. Finally I was guided to TICKETING WINDOW, where only 1 person was working, and there were about 50 people on line... I was told this line was about 80 people long 5 hours ago... .. SO we stood on line and waited, 1 hour, 2 hours, 3 hours, 4 hours.. almost 5 hours. ANd finally it was our turn.. We found out that there were no flights leaving on that day, but they can put me on a next day flight.. SAME number, same route.. ( Of course free) I TOOK IT... Then I started panicking. OMG, what's next? WHat am I going to do now?
Now back to cruise ship. On that ship I met one of my old friends. EVE and her family. It was TOTAL SURPRISE. I did not expect to meet anyone I know there. BUT I DID. and I am so thankful for it. We exchanged numbers and they told me that If I am ever in sweden call them..

BUT of course I had to find a payphone to use. I don't know how to use pay phones.. ARE U SERIOUS? ME AND MY iPHONE ARE like best buddies. But since I DID not have AT&T in sweden . I had to learn to use I went to info. SHowed them number I HAVE and asked, so what do I have to dial to get to them... And I got what I needed...

They advised me to take Express train from Airport to Central Station . ( it is about 20 minute train ride). I DID IT!!! 3 HUUUGE suitcases, Gabriels bag and my laptop bag and my purse. YES.. I HAD MY LUGGAGE WITH ME:) Gabriel was awesome help and helped me wheel suitcases :):):) He was very excited to take trainride so that is why he was so helpful..

Finally on grand central I called them again and met them there :):):):) THAN GOD FOR HELPFUL FRIENDS. I AM so lucky.
Maarika gave me her car to use in Estonia, My mom did not yell at me that my STUFF in her small house was everywhere, and Friends who I have not seen for Y E A R S lend a helping hand :):):) We celebrated:) AND OF COURSE MAIRE, who picked me up from LAX and drowe me home :):):):):)
Next morning Eves husband drowe us to airport and voilaa;) We made it. But of course Airport in England had some extra security mesurements and EVERYBODY entering our flight ( almost everybody) were doubble checked, . In some weird way they did not check Gabriel and I. We were told to sit down and wait till gate opens.. !!
This is general post. As time goes by I will post more about what I did :):):):)

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Dymesha Wheeler said...

I'm glad you had a wonderful trip. You deserve it.