Friday, December 11

I am so excited, I can not hide it...

I really can't:) I known since beginning of November that I am going to spend Christmas in Estonia :):):) SO today I finally called my parents and let them know. They seem pretty excited also.
We are leaving on Wednesday , the 16th. Red EYE flight for LAX. And we will return on 7th Of January 2009. This time we will travel with our beautiful blue US passports. NO more Green cards :)
My suitcases are packed. ( 3 of them), and Gabriel has his carry on almost packed, and I have to pack my Cameras and laptop, but everything else is P A C K E D:) I am little sad to leave "Regina" behind. I would love to take her with me, but I guess , she need a break from me .. hehehe:)

U ask what I am planning to do there? Enjoy some really cold weather, Drink lots of alcohol, eat traditional holiday foods and have fun. I know It will be hard, since Estonia is small, and REginas footprints are everywhere. But I can do it. I am not sure How I will handle flying this time. I LOVE FLYING. I love airports, and chaos in airports. I have been told that flying first time without your loved one, will be very emotional .. I know I will cry for few hours.. But right now , every day for me is taking new steps. .. New steps to the places I fear going, but I am doing it anyway. . SO , YES. I AM GOING TO ESTONIA :):):):)

About new steps. . TOday, I finally went to AAA and returned Reginas Handicap placecard. It was very for me to do so. It only took about 15 seconds to place it on the countertop, but while doing so, I had flashbacks of each time I had to park in handicap section, pull out her little wheelchair and wheel her around. At that time her whole " life in wheelchair" flashed.. I remembered each time. and after I left aaa , I just sat in my car for couple of minutes and cried .

(((I miss her )))
If I don't update before, I just want to wish you all Merry Christmas and happy New Year. But I am sure I will get couple of more chances to update. :)):) SO I will be wishing you Happy holidays many more times ;)




Katrina said...

Merry Christmas, and Bon Voyage.
Love, Katrina

Patty said...

Have a wonderful and safe trip. Try to relax and enjoy yourself, you'll be with all of your family members. How nice.

Dymesha Wheeler said...

New steps to the places I fear, but I'm doing it anyway. I love that statement. Merry Christmas!

Leah said...

I am so glad you get to go to Estonia. HAve a beautiful relaxing time

Kathy said...

Regina at Legoland

I'm so glad you're going back there with Gabe, I hope you have a fantastic time there.

katarina said...

Excited to read that you are going with Gabriel. Kas tal eesti keelega on?

katarina said...

How is his Estonian?

Vabandust, n2pukas. Kuidas Gabrieli eesti keel on?

Sleeping Beauty said...

Katarina- u are so funny :):):) Sadly I can't read your blogs since you have restricted access to your blogs:(:(:(:
BUT Gabriels Estonian Sucks. Blame it on lazy momma ;)

katarina said...

Diana, ei leia siit blogist su meili, saadaksin kutse.

Sleeping Beauty said...

Amanda said...

Have a safe trip!! I'm happy you get to go home to the cold weather and holiday treats. I'll be thinking about you. ((hugs))