Monday, January 23

Here they are- two, most beautiful kids in whole wide world. ;0) This picture is taken shortly before we headed to LAX. Trip to airport was fine. No traffic issues. His trip was only 20 minutes late and we did not have to wait to long. Kids were very happy to see dad again. When they saw him coming towards us, throgh security doors, they both ran, ran, ran as fast as they could and kissed and hugged dad.

Thursday, January 19

to much going on..( u p d a t e )

Friday 1pm.
We are back from doctor. Bronchitus it is.

Friday 1/20/06
yesterday Regina did not cough at all, but last night she started coughing a lot, again. and she also has low grade fever. I take her to see her doctor today, b/c she has been coughing now for a week.

Regina and gabriel are doing better now. They are not coughing as much as they did 2 days ago, I think meds are working. :) Oh, did I mention I took both of them to see dentist. Regina did awsome, did not whine, complain or anything, Gabriel was little different. I had to talk to him , I had to hold his hand, I had to tell him all the time that IT IS OK. IT WILL NOT HURT. lol After cleaning and x rayes were taken , they got to go to pick a toy from toybox- both of them like that very much. At first Gabriel was about to pee his pants, he was so scared, but now, he wants to go back, because he thinks dentist did not clean his teeth clean enough. lol But we all know why he really wants to go back- IT IS THAT toybox. ;)

Now lets talk about me. I am not doing very well on these days. Tuesday, after my dentist appointment I got really sick. Today I went to see my doctor- I have 4 different infections - Sinusitus, tonsilitus( don't remember spelling), bladder infection and the most embarrasing of them all , yeast infection. I also had 102,7 fever. I managed to get it down, but I am stuck with body aches, horrible pounding headache, cramping stomach and doubble vision.
When I went to pick up Regina today I felt my worst- meds had not kicked in yet and every single part of my body was hurting so bad I wanted to cry, and then Mrs A. ( reginas Teacher) came out and asked what's wrong and then I just lost it- I started crying. What is wrong with me. people just want to know why I look like crap and I start crying over that. cheesh. couple of other moms also offered to help me out tonight( they are real nice and I want to accept the help, but I just could not... people have been helping me out a lot and I have noting to give in for return and It makes me feel like crap.

And my dh will return on sunday. I hope I get some help then, but I am very sure that he will be sleeping most of the time and asking tons of questions- where is this, where is that, why this thing is here, where are my pencils or whatever things. And then he will be leaving clothes all over the place and of course NEXT to dirty laundry basket, and he will want my attention and he will complain that I spend to much time in internet and --- DO I complain to much??? lol

Anyway, we are happy that he comes home. :) I need some time to relax and do some things I have not done for ages...

Tuesday, January 17


Regina managed to stay healthy in Estonia. It was COLD and windy, and snowy and she managed to stay healthy, so did I and so did Gabriel. And now, all 3 of us are sick. Regina is coughing like grazy and she has boooooogery nose. lol Gabriel is coughing a little and I have splitting headaches, tootaches and swollen tonsils. What the heck is wrong with this warm CA weather. For now I am 100 percent sure that all our health problems are b/c of CA. ( every time I go back to EST all my pains leave me for good and my skin clears up, and then I come back and next day I am achy all over).

But Reginas cought really concerns me this time. I have not heard her ever cough so much. I wait one more day and then take her to see doctor. Hope she gets well soon.

Fun things we have done.
On sunday we went to see Hoodwinked. LOL I really liked this movie- kind of like CSI but only for kids lol and Animated. lololol. Regina loved it, but when I asked from Gabe what was his fave part , his response was - THE END- thank you very much. lololol
Then last week we attended Mad science B party ( one of Reginas classmates turned 6). It was fun party for kids, and mad scientist was hot young dude. lol. ( he showed kids how to do fun tricks with ice and some chemicals.)

We also went to chuckee cheeses( don't remember how to spell it), this place is grazy. It is like training camp for young kids, so if they grow up one day and go to vegas, they know how to spend money.....

We also wisited library few times, went book stores, malls, ate in chilis, baked few cakes , ate candy that had peanuts in, but did not suppose to have them in, and we all ended in hospital ER( for few hours, because of Regina, she has nut allergies), and did many other fun family things......
but I am so ready for my husband to return. He will be home on sunday, but then he will take off on monday b/c he has to fly to san Jose,.. I am ready for GIRLS night out......

Monday, January 16

Oh no- Gabriel , Gabriel, Gabriel. He walks better on high heals than I do.... What did I do wrong???

Friday, January 13

About Regina

Little update how Regina is doing. :)
Right now she is doing really well. When we v visited St Jude in december, we also had endorcrine clinic appointment. Well, she has not grown at all. And it concerned them big time. Anyway, they scheduled insuline injected growth hormone testing in march. They want to know more about her and see if she is doing as great as we all think. her bone age was( is 5years), but they sayd that it is ok, she still has some time to grow and catch up. So hopefully testing goes well and we do not have to start her on daily shots of growth hormoes.
She still likes school and her homework assignments. I have harder time doing her homework. lol Right now they are learning long and short sounds. In Estonian it is easy- we have doubble A and single A, but in english it is harder. I have to think a minute before I finally get it. She does much better with sounds than I do.:)


Tuesday, January 10

Monday, January 9

Christmas dinner. Before dinner we all went to Church . And after church we had dratitonal christmas dinner with all the foods I had missed here. ( me, Sija, Sijas Friend, Tiim(brother, 0, Leo( stepdad), mom, Regina. gabriel refused to eat whatever was on table- he wanted to have mac and cheese....

Sunday, January 8

Babriel, Regina , grandpa and grandma

Dear United Airlines

That is all I have to say about them. They did not deliver my loggage first time ON TIME, and same happened this time. My loggage is still somewhere in Chicago customs area ( in airport). I filed a claim last night , and asked if they can look it up on somehow, which they did, but there was no record of my loggage leaving chicago. Hopefully we will get it today. I have some pretty important stuff in those hot pink suitcases, and if they get lost, in the future I will only travel with carry on bags.
I am pissed , Really , really pissed.....

Saturday, January 7

My brother Tiim ( 19) and Regina. This picture is taken shorty after his christmas brake from military ended. He has to spend 6 more months in military- learning all the needed stuff to protect our country...
My handsome Husband Nick surrounded by cold weather and people ( behind the scenes) who do not speak english....;)


Can you tell we are exited?? Our fun family vacation has ended and we are on our way to CA. It was ok trip. Okay because most of the time we spent in countryside where was no running water, no privacy and no place to take showers. lol . During christmas holiday my sister and brother were there also , which meant 9 people had to fit into small house and it was not pretty sight at all.

Kids had some fun- we all went to ski and took lots of sleight rides, made snow angels, cruised around and ate lots of food. Now they are ready to go home to ca and first thing they want to do is to go to the MALL!!!!!! lol My husband is not with us, he did spend some time with us in estonia, but he left 2 days ago to go back to china. ( work, work, work and more work)..

See you in ca.


Tuesday, January 3

Sunday, January 1