Saturday, April 2

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Hi you all. Please go and follow my  other blog. I am posting all updates there:)  Check out this post, and please share this information with all your friends. World is scare place these days. There are problems everywhere.   Please read and respond. Or send these links to  hands you think will be able to help

Thank you so much.

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Friday, March 25


I am trying to pull myself togetha and start blogging again...  Literally lost my mojo for years..... :)

so sorry friends...

Lady D.

Wednesday, October 29

New blog....

I started new blog, it is time for me to start writing again..... Hopefully I can keep up with it.....

Thursday, September 19


14 years ago , on september 19th, 1999,  after 24 hours of intense labor ,4.07 AM I gave birth to my 7 lb Daughter Regina Melody. I thought we all would live happily ever after. Little did I know that almost 5 years later our lives would change forever.     I had to grow up overnight and take charge.   She fought hard for almost 6 years and not once , NOT ONCE she complained that she did not want to do it anymore... Even few days before her passing she told me , she does not want to die. And I would never forget those words.  I was screaming inside, but instead I told her. It is ok. I love you.  I will always love you. It is ok to let go...

I miss her .  Time has not heeled any wounds, I have just learned to live with it. I have learned to live without her but  I remember ...

Today  would be her 14th birthday, but for us she is forever 10, forever happy, forever free...

I miss you Regina Melody. You changed my life...

Forever in my heart.

Saturday, March 16

I miss her so much it hurts...

 I have been thinking about Regina every day.  Some days more other days less, but there has not been a day  I haven't thought about her.  For me , she always will be Care bear, Barbie and Webkins girl.  She would always bake cupcakes and fix me interesting meals made of whatever  she found in refrigerator . She would always wear pink outfits that are oddly styled, but she did it herself, and I never  questioned her why she would wear such weird outfit.   She had her style and it is hard to match. She was unique and I loved it about her.  She did not care what people thought about her funky style and it did not bother her if someone mentioned maybe she should wear something else.
 I miss her. And I am scared.  I am starting to forget how her hugs felt like. I am starting to forget her scent or how her skin used to feel like how she held my hand.
I miss baking with her and I miss her cute smile and uplifting giggle.  And I want Gabriel to have his best buddy and playmate back... But it is never going to happen and all we  have left are amazing memories of her . She will never be forgotten  She will always be loved.

Hug your loved ones tight tonight...
Rest in peace Baby girl.
Your mommy , daddy and brother   send you some angel kisses wherever you are....

Wednesday, March 6

Desperate housewives of Hangzhou

Beth and KirinIMG_7234MafaldaCeciliaCeciliaMarina
MarinaMarinaIMG_7223Beautiful MarinaIMG_7221Beautiful Cecilia
IMG_7219Marina, Cecilia and MafaldaMarina , Cecilia and MafaldaBeautiful Marina, Cecilia and mafaldaAmy trying to do "Dianas" face... Keep on practicingWith Amy
Me and my Canadian goddess AmyIMG_7209Not sure ... She most likely had some bad Italian food...Beauties in HangzhouIMG_7203Amy, the Glamorous one.

Mar 5, 2013, a set on Flickr.

PAFA's ( parents and friends association of HIS), organized fun lunch for us. It was called Desperate housewives of Hangzhou... We all are pretty desperate to get out of China lol, but this lunch gave us all to dress up a little more than usual and win some prizes. I also won ;)